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Elsi is amazing. Full stop.

"She’s an absolute knockout. Not in a superficial Barbie Doll way

(although she could pull off that look if she wanted).

But in a much more satisfying, playful way exuding personal style and

overwhelming hotness.

She is sarcastic and clever with barbs. But underneath that is a decency and empathy

that makes her so special.

The sex is incredible. She is enthusiastic and giving.

Highest recommendation."

"Elsi-TheOddest, The Funniest and Coolest ever. Recommended."

"Elsi blew my mind. Repeat? I might need a second job, or move to the city, but I hope many, many times. She is a gem."

"Elsi is whip smart and funny as hell. Don't get into a snark wrestling

match with her, as she'll pin your ass with her rapier wit."

She oozes pure attractiveness


"in the way that she thinks and expresses herself.

So even before I met her in person the anticipation was building.

She does not disappoint on any front. Her eyes are just mesmerizing and

a svelte Venus de Milo figure that I was happily exploring and licking all throughout the session...


...I would quite happily see her as regularly as I could to know her far better

and be working out a way to keep her to myself.

Treat her with respect and kindness. Also hope someone does not keep her all to themselves!


Magic or a lot of bondage may be involved in doing so!"

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