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Oh no,

you fucked up.

When I asked if you read my website, I wasn't checking if you think the design is pretty, I was reminding you that before you contact me, you should check what my booking requirements are.

I don't post these details because I'm unsure of them, I do it so you can be sure of them.  

Failing to read the ad wastes my time and, as you're now learning, yours.  

I understand that you were excited, thinking with your little head, and acted impulsively.  I know, I work here.  It happens so often that I'm posting this so I don't have to keep having this conversation.

If you're unclear why you're receiving this message, it might be wise to take another gander at The Rules.  You'll find that I tried to give you as much explanation as to why I have implemented them as possible, but even if you don't understand or agree with how I run things, doesn't mean you're exempt.  I don't think pushing my boundaries is cute, whether you did it intentionally or not.

Thank you again for reaching out.  I'm sorry you're learning this lesson this way, but may it be a learning opportunity for you--I've yet to meet a reputable sex worker who doesn't have similar expectations. 

Many kisses and better luck out there, 


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