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Elsi Dawson is a girl-next-door-who-loves-giving blowies-behind-the-bleachers type.

Elsi is a tall drink of craft beer - unconventional, sharp, and just bitter enough to make you feel something.


 She is not a barbie doll. 

Independent from day one, Elsi is a brazenly sexual, openly slutty sport fucker.  She enjoys what she does and she’s damn good at it.


Elsi Dawson is definitely not marriage material.

Elsi is not interested in being your arm-candy and she’s not looking for Mr Right.

 She’s perfectly happy to fuck and chuck, and is ready to take Friends With Benefits to a whole new level.  

You can find her indulging in beers and bullshitting before you’ll ever see her get giddy over purses and shoes.

Elsi is your answer to the problem of ho-hum hobbying.  She’s playful, enthusiastic, and genuine.


  She’s a non-judgemental and whip smart young lady, and she ain’t afraid of shit - especially your

dirty little secrets

(read: she's VERY kink-friendly).  


For a good time you'd better be calling Elsi Dawson.



Elsi Dawson is the wake-up call you didn't know you needed.

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